Family Portrait Day Fundraiser

  • A new and fun way of raising funds for your school or organisation
  • Easy to organise and not dependant on volunteers
  • All you have to do is send a letter out to your parents or members, have a booking form in reception and collect in the booking fees

We recognise that many photographers  charge large sitting fees and that the pictures are prohibitively priced for most people.

That’s why we at Mike Brown Photographic are offering this different opportunity of Family Portrait Days.

How does this make money for you?

Each family pays a £5 booking fee direct to your school or organisation, and in addition you will receive 10% of all orders, either taken on the day or from our website in the following weeks. We will also offer you a breakdown of what has been ordered in each session.

So what do you stand to raise?

Number of Sessions

School Profit (Inc. £5 booking fee)

Average Spend per Family





















30 (over 2 days)







40 (over 2 days)







50 (over 2 days)







So how does it work?

The photo shoots are held at your school or hall.  Once we have agreed a date for the photo shoots we will send you a “Promotion Pack”, which includes posters, a letter to send home to parents and staff, and a time slot booking form.

How long does each family get?

Each family has a 20-minute photo shoot, followed by the opportunity of an immediate viewing of their photos.  If the photo shoots are over one day we can accommodate a maximum of 25 families between 10am and 8pm. If there is more interest we can run additional days.

How much do the photos cost?

Photo prints start from just £7 for a 6”x 4”. We offer a very large range of print sizes and accessories, which can be viewed on our website.

How are the photos given out?

Just like regular school photos, after around 2 weeks, we will deliver a box of photos in clearly named envelopes to your school or organisation ready to be taken home. Photos ordered online after the day will be posted direct to parents.

What do we require on the day?

All we require is a large space, preferably the school hall or similar room. If the hall is not available, the space needs to be a large classroom. We also require access to a 13A plug socket, or two preferably. In addition, access to toilets would be very useful. We will arrive 1.5 hours before the first session is due to start and will be packed up 1 hour after the last session.

Case Study

Our last family portrait day of 2012 was for 18 families; with an average spend of £78.50. If this had been your school or organisation, you would have received a total of £231.30

All you need to do is to agree a date with us, pass on the details to parents, keep the booking form in your Reception, and collect the booking fees as families sign up.



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