A Lifetime Passion for Photography
People have always told me that I have a good eye for taking a photograph, even when I got my first camera as a young lad. When I was about 12, my aunt, a university staff photographer, taught me how to develop my own photos, and I started to add technical knowledge to the intuition. Since then, I have rarely been anywhere without a camera.

I love photography. It makes me look, makes me notice, makes me appreciate. It means I pay attention to the beautiful, the special and distinctive people, places and events around me. That's almost an end in itself! But that is not the end of it, of course. You have the photos to bring those memories back to mind for years to come. And you get to use cool gadgets to capture and make the very best out of the images! I love photography, and I love using it to bring the same pleasures to other people.

Professional, Ethical and Green
My service is always professional, personal and friendly.Wherever possible, I recharge, recycle and reuse (your photos will be originals, though ;-).



Areas covered
Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough, Wellingborough, Northampton and Northamptonshire